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According to the origin and existence of life on this planet was a struggle for existence. Otherwise, the entire planet would be multiplied rabbits, if there were no foxes. In the evolution of mankind, too, there is one feature. Those tribes that actively ate meat were more enduring and developed. You are their offspring. All other branches of early mankind are now the subject of study of anthropologists and archaeologists.


I personally do not really like this video

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The Animals underwent numerous personnel changes and emerged as an exponent of psychedelic rock before dissolving at the end of the decade. They had a comeback in 1983 and started a world tour. In early 1984 the band disbanded. There have been several reunions of the original group and in recent times Burdon and original drummer John Steel have been touring with new versions of the Animals as Eric Burdon & the Animals and Animals & Friends respectively.

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The therapeutic effect of gestagens in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome and fibrocystic mastopathy associated with inhibition of the functional pituitary-ovarian relationship and a decrease stimulates the proliferation of estrogen on breast tissue. Protects if, in fact gestagens from breast cancer, not yet fully elucidated. It is assumed that the possible protective mechanism may be different for tissues of the breast and endometrium.

Arizona Solar Energy

The video made me sick... not too sure I want to show this to my high school science class. Not sure if I could get it approved either..

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