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paul lacarrubba

Have followed a raw vegan diet for 3 weeks and have had the same results. I am working on at least staying 90% vegan raw for 3 months, till my next set of blood tests to see what we will see. Diabetic 2 for 15 years and now hopefull.

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Nowadays too many people required junkfood because they don't have enough time to prepared them food more healthy. how ever they ignore or don't give importance that junk food is really danger if they eat it every day. they shuldn't thinking about it specially when they are really hungry.

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Now a days most of American people
are suffering from obesity. it creates
problem problems like a diabetes, heart diseases etc. if they will use Raw Vegan Diet
that will definitely helpful to reduce such problems.


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Diabetic retinopathy occurs when changes in blood glucose levels cause changes in retinal blood vessels. In some cases, these vessels will swell up (macular oedema) and leak fluid into the rear of the eye. In other cases, abnormal blood vessels will grow on the surface of the retina.Laser surgery is often used in the treatment of diabetic eye diseases.

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All protein in this diet plan comes from plant-based products. To guide diabetics following this plan it is necessary to learn the new food groups, as designated by this diet: grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Participants in a twelve-week trial of the low-fat vegan diet showed a marked decrease in glucose concentration when compared to the control group.

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